Game Day Red Ale –  The flavor profile of this red ale is a little caramel, a little toffee, malty, and hopped for balance.  Its lighter than a stout, but darker than a blonde. So, if you’re moving up, you should check out this brew.

20IBU, 5.0% ABV

Alpha Storter  This dry beer is deliciously brewed with chocolate malt and two crystal malts to give it a strong malty backbone.  If you like dark chocolate, you will love it.

10IBU, 5.5% ABV

Alpha Blonde Ale – This golden ale is light, refreshing, sessionable, and hopped lightly with Cascade.  It’s an easy sipper for those just breaking into craft beer.

20IBU, 5.0% ABV

Lapsided – This brew came out of an experimental method of brewing a pale ale.  Using a single hop addition at 15 minutes instead of multiple additions, this pale ale is bring, fruity, with a smooth bitterness.

50IBUs, 5%ABV $6

Belgian Pale Ale – This lightly colored pale is brewed with a Belgian House strain of yeast.  Fruity notes from the yeast accent the hoppiness of this pale ale.

40IBU, 5.0% ABV

Olympic IPA - This hop bomb is brewed with two hops, Apollo and Zeus.  Bitter and smooth.

80IBU, 7.5%ABV

Gratzer – A grazer is a lost style of wheat age originally brewed in Germany.  In short, its a smoked wheat ale.  Brewed with cherrywood smoked malt, this malty treat is great for a cool day around a campfire.

10IBU, 5%ABV

Kolsch - American retake of this classic German Style.  Brewed with 50% wheat malt and 50% pilsner malt, this beer is lite, crisp, biscuity.

25IBU, 3.5%ABV

Pumpkin Black Ale - Brewed with 20pounds of pumpkin per barrel.  Get this fall seasonable before it taps out.

20IBU, 5%ABV

Hoppy Brown Ale - This malty brown ale was brewed with a healthy dose of simcoe hops.  A great fall seasonal for any palette.

40IBU, 5%ABV



Sauerpus- This American Pale Ale is hopped with Cascade, then conditioned with Brett Brux giving it a mellow funk. Available for a limited time in 25.4 oz bottles.

25IBU, 4.0% ABV $11

ˈFəŋk- Belgian Style Pale Ale brewed with Cascade hops and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. This beer has a touch of funk balanced by trappist yeast flavors. Available for a limited time in 22oz bottles.

40IBU, 7%ABV $6

Plem - This 100% Brett Brux ale was aged in stainless with a healthy dose of plums picked last summer right here in Missouri.  Limited Supply.

10IBU, 7%ABV


On Deck:

Apocrypha Saison - Brewed with classic Belgian Saison yeast and Chardonnay yeast, Lacto and Brett Clausenii

Belma IPA - The St. Louis Brewers Guild got their hands on Fresh Belma hops from Washington.  We, luckily, go our hands on some and brewed with delicious IPA.  Get it at the brewery or at the Harvest Festival on November 1st.

Hop, Lock & Drop It Pale Ale - Our first batch of this hoppy pale ale went so quickly, we decided to brew another batch.  Soon.. Soon… It will be pouring again.




Long Term Aging: Check out our Beta Barrel Program Page here.

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