Extra Special Red Ale –  The flavor profile of this red ale is a little caramel, a little toffee, malty, and hopped for balance.  Its lighter than a stout, but darker than a blonde. So, if you’re moving up, you should check out this brew.

20IBU, 5.0% ABV

Alpha Storter  This dry beer is deliciously brewed with chocolate malt and two crystal malts to give it a strong malty backbone.  If you like dark chocolate, you will love it.

10IBU, 5.5% ABV

Alpha Blonde Ale – This golden ale is light, refreshing, sessionable, and hopped lightly with Cascade.  It’s an easy sipper for those just breaking into craft beer.

20IBU, 5.0% ABV

Berlinerweiss – This traditional German summer beer has made its showing again in St. Louis.  This berlinerweiss was sour mashed.  Add raspberry syrup to sweeten up this tart summer ale.

5IBU, 5.0%ABV

Chinook Pale Ale – This classic American hop has an earthy, grassy flavor pronounced in this Dry Hopped East Coast Pale Ale.

40IBU, 5.0%ABV

Beligan Black IPA - Just like it sounds, Malty and fruity with a good kick of hops.

7.0%ABV, 70 IBU

LIberty Brown Ale -  Its summer time. This light brown ale has a punch of nuttiness from the malt and a twinge of earthy spice from the Liberty Hops.

20IBU, 5.0%ABV

Citra Pale Ale – One of our favorite renditions of a pale ale, this brew is made with Citra hops, which boast a strong citrus and tropical fruit flavor component.  This well-balanced pale ale is deliciously hopped for easy drinking and happy taste buds.   

40IBU, 5.0% ABV

Equinox IPA – New hop IPA!  Equinox is a brand new experimental variety from our friends at Hop Union.  Fruity, red fruit, stone fruit flavors.

70IBU, 7.5%ABV



Sauerpus- This American Pale Ale is hopped with Cascade, then conditioned with Brett Brux giving it a mellow funk. Available for a limited time in 25.4 oz bottles.

25IBU, 4.0% ABV $11

ˈFəŋk- Belgian Style Pale Ale brewed with Cascade hops and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. This beer has a touch of funk balanced by trappist yeast flavors. Available for a limited time in 22oz bottles.

40IBU, 7%ABV $6

JackFruit- This is an American Wild Ale with fresh jackfruit from the far East fermented with 100% Brettanomyces Lambicus, this beer is tart and fruity.

20IBU, 6%ABV

The Sagwa - This Imperial IPA boasts a ton of hop flavor and aroma.  Dry hopped with Mosiac, this beer has a pungent aroma and crisp bite.  No for the faint of heart.

120IBU, 9.0%ABV

Ryot IPA - Malty, smooth and hoppy, this beer embodies the talent, charisma and spice of this talented young band.  Brewed with rye and roasted barley its dark, roasty with a hint of spice.  Hopped with Columbus and Centennial. Draught and 750ml bottles ($8)

8.0IBU, 7.0%ABV

Muscovy - Russian Imperial Stout aged in Appleton Rum Barrels.  Its a big beer.

12%ABV, 60IBU

Kofe Karmel - This summertime coffee beer is light in color and body but has a bold coffee flavor.  Brewed with coffee from Stringbean Coffee.

5.0%ABV, 5IBU


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