Belgian Blonde – This easy drinking beer brewed year round was brewed with our Belgian house strain of yeast. It packs a punch of fruity belgian yeast characteristic. Low bitterness.

20IBU, 5%ABV

Atheist Ale –   This India Pale Ale Citra Hop Bomb is the first in our Indoctrination Series.  Show this beer down your throat. Bright, fruity, with apricot notes.

70IBU, 7%ABV

American Mild This dry beer is deliciously brewed with chocolate malt and two crystal malts to give it a strong malty backbone.  If you like dark chocolate, you will love it.

10IBU, 5%ABV

Revamped Red –  The flavor profile of this red ale is a little caramel, a little toffee, malty, and hopped for balance.  Its lighter than a stout, but darker than a blonde.

35IBU, 5%ABV

The Sagwa IIPA – The Sagwa Anniversary Imperial IPA is brewed with a myriad of hops and gratuitously dry hopped. Its a flavor explosion.  Expect powerful floral, citrusy and earthy overtones and mildly carbonated.

120IBU, 9%ABV

Kalamansi Shandy – This blonde ale was aged in a cask with Kalamansi Juice and Honey.  Kalamansi is a Filipino citrus fruit which gives this brew a tart flavor backed by the sweetness of the honey.

20IBU, 5%ABV

Rouge BièreTapped for our 3rd Anniversary, this ale was aged on raspberries in red wine barrels for nearly a year.  Fruity, sour, oaky.  You’ll love the tart complexity this beer provides.


Delphian – This sour blonde ale was conditioned in Chardonnay barrels with a host of wild bacteria, DH lightly with Mosaic hops.  This brew is wine-like.  Reminiscent of peaches and white grapes.  Tart.


Sunk’n Treasure Gose – This gosé was brewed using a wild fermentation technique and aged in American Gin Barrels for 2 months.  Tart, funky, lemony.

1 IBU, 7%ABV

Looking Down -  This ale was brewed with Cherrywood Smoked malt and aged in bourbon barrels with souring bacteria creating a delicious example of an Adambier style ale.  Oak, Smoke and Tart.


Rye Pale Ale – Rye gives a brew a little bit of a peppery spice.  Backed with a healthy amount of hops give a brew a distinct ale which is both spicy with a resiny characteristic from the hops.  Homebrew contest winner Matt Schaller brewed this delicious rye pale ale on our system.

70IBUs, 6%ABV

Capulus – This dark ale was aged in neutral oak barrels for 10 months and then aged on Coffee from our friends at StringBean Coffee.  Tart, Earthy, Coffee.




Brett Red – Brewed in the Summer of 2014, this dark malty American Red Ale was aged in Stainless Steel and conditioned with Brett C Giving this beer a tart and funky aroma.


Atheist Ale – 22oz Bomber

The Sagwa IIPA – 22oz Bomber

Rouge Bière - 22oz Bomber

Sunkn Treasure Gose – 12oz 4pack

Capulus – 22oz Bomber













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