Atheist Ale  –   This India Pale Ale Citra Hop Bomb is the first in our Indoctrination Series.  Show this beer down your throat. Bright, fruity, with apricot notes.

70IBU, 7.0%ABV

Dewberry Brett – Brewed in Summer of 2015, this 100% Brett Beer was aged for 4 months on 2 bushels of blackberries and honeydew melon.  This beer is tart, has a fantastic funky aroma that showcases the Brett yeast to its fullest.  Fruity from the Pomegranates.


Braun – Bruan, is an American Sour Brown Ale framed after the Belgian Style Oud Bruin, fermented with a healthy dose of Pediococcus and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, then aged in red wine barrels. This gives the beer a tart, complex flavor profile.

20IBU, 7%ABV

Apocrypha – Brewed in the Fall of 2014 and aged in La Pitchoune Pinot Noir barrels.  This black saison was fermented with our house blend of sour yeast.  Giving this malty sour black saison a snap of lactic acid characteristic along with a sharp roasty grain mouth feel.


Sunk’n Treasure Gosé – This gosé was brewed using a wild fermentation technique and aged in American Gin Barrels for 2 months.  Tart, funky, lemony.

1 IBU, 7%ABV

Belgian Tart- This easy drinking fall seasonal was brewed with  our Belgian house strain of yeast. It packs a punch of fruity belgian yeast characteristic.

20IBU, 5%ABV

Hop Bomb – This very hop forward American Lager was brewed with enough Mosaic hops to make your mouth explode with flavor.  Light in body, packed full of flavor.

20IBU, 5%ABV

Believers Brew – This Belgian style Dubbel is dark and malty.  Belgian yeast adds a clover characteristic and the generous dark malts adds hints coffee and chocolate.

20IBU, 7%ABV

Olympic IPA – Apollo and Zeus hops were used in this bright, dry hopped IPA.   The beer is a straight up hop bomb.

80IBU, 7.0% ABV

I Do Brew (Tapped 1/15/16) – Belgian Style Tripel aged in Red Zinfindel Barrels.  The nose on this unique brew is Funky with Malty, Oaky and Vinous flavors throughout.  Perfect for popping the question.

40IBU, 10%ABV

Hunny Do Brew (Tapped 1/15/16) – Belgian Style Quad aged in Four Roses Barrels.  This ale is dry.  The oak adds vanilla essence and a bourbon kick.

40IBU, 12%ABV

Muscovy – Muscovy is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed with molasses and aged in 4Roses bourbon barrels.  Balancing many flavor facets, Muscovy is dark, woody, and malty with an appropriate amount of bitterness.

60IBU, 12.0%ABV





Brett Red – Brewed in the Summer of 2014, this dark malty American Red Ale was aged in Stainless Steel and conditioned with Brett C.  Giving this beer a tart and funky aroma.

20IBU 7%ABV $9

Wicca Wheat – 22oz Bomber $10

Rosé Saison – 22oz Bomber $10

Sukkot Saison – 22oz Bomber $10

Atheist Ale – 22oz Bomber $8

Braun – 22oz Bomber $10

Apocrypha – 22oz Bomber $10

Sunk’n Treasure Gosé – 4 pack $13











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