American Kellerbier – This light unfiltered pilsner is the perfect summmer time easy drinking lager for those just breaking into craft beer.  Straw color, crisp.

25IBU, 5.0% ABV


Amber Ale–  The flavor profile of this amber ale is a little caramel, a little toffee, malty, and hopped for balance.  Its lighter than a stout, but darker than a blonde. So, if you’re moving up, you should check out this brew. Brewed with El Dorado and Lemondrop hops.

20IBU, 5.0% ABV


Olympic IPA – Apollo and Zeus hops were used in this bright, dry hopped IPA.   The beer is a straight up hop bomb.

80IBU, 7.0% ABV


Swartzbier – Black Lager brewed with an American Twist.  Malty, Dark, Roasty, Coffee but still light on the palette.

20IBU, 5%ABV


Belgian Blonde- This easy drinking fall seasonal was brewed with  our Belgian house strain of yeast. It packs a punch of fruity belgian yeast characteristic.

20IBU, 5%ABV


Simcoe Pale Ale – Simcoe hops were used in this resiny, hoppy pale ale.  Its an easy drinking smooth piney pale ale.

40IBU, 5.0% ABV


Troll Wheatwine (Tapped 10/19/15) – This Imperial Wheat Ale is inspired by the Barleywine Style of beer.  Brewed with our house Belgian Strain of yeast and hopped with Galaxy.  Expect fruity overtones, cantaloupe, and spice.

50IBU, 10.0%ABV


For Richer or Porter – This chocolaty ale was brewed with a healthy amount of lactose and cocoa nibs from Bissingers Chocolate.  Brewed for Don and Sarah Kennedy’s Recent Nuptials.

Sweet, Malty, Low Bitterness.

20IBU, 6%ABV


Capulus – Brewed in the Fall of 2014, this light malty American Blonde Ale was aged on Stringbean Coffee in Jack Daniel’s Barrels and conditioned with Lacto D and Brett C.  Giving this beer a tart and funky aroma.

Not Eligible for Thursday Growler Discount



Wicca Wheat – Hail Earth, Wind, Fire and Water!  This fall seasonal sour ale was brewed with 50% wheat.  Aged in stainless steel for 7 months and fermented with 100% Brett and soured with Pediococcus.  This lactic acid sour has a great funky flavor.



Gin Gosé – This gosé was brewed using a wild fermentation technique and aged in American Gin Barrels for 2 months.  Tart, funky, lemony.

1 IBU, 7%ABV


Rosé Saison – This saison was brewed with Chardonnay Wine Yeast, aged in Pisoni Winery Rosé Saison Barrels for 7 months.  Light, Slightly Tart, Offers floral strawberry aromas and crisp raspberry, peach and spice notes.

1IBU, 7.0%ABV


Delphian – Brewing in the fall of 2014, this sour blonde ale was conditioned in Chardonnay barrels with a host of wild bacteria.  This brew is wine-like.  Reminiscent of peaches and white grapes.  Tart.



Sukkot Saison – Brewed in the hearty tradition of a hearty peoples, this sour saison was brewed for Sukkot, the Jewish Harvest festival.  Aged on Lemons, brewed with lemonzest and date palm sugar.






Brett Red - American Red Ale brewed with California Ale Yeast, bottle conditioned with Brett C and Lacto D.

20IBU, 7.0%ABV

Rosé Saison

Wicca Wheat

Troll – Belgian Style Wheatwine hopped with Galaxy

Sukkot Saison


On Deck:

Atheist Ale – Belgian Style IPA

Unicorn Queef – Citra Pale Ale











Long Term Aging: Check out our Beta Barrel Program Page here.

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